Know the artist

Swiss-Dominican and cosmopolitan 21 years old young artist, based in the north of Italy, where she realizes her studies at the Art Institute of Ferrara “Dosso Dossi“, and gets hes diploma in Visual Graphics in 2013, achieving very high standards. At her 14th birthday she received her first analog Minolta and realized her love for photography. Mahrer won several school prizes, and third place price in the competition “Antonioni 250” depicting the landscapes of the great italian director.
As a natural traveler, JM presents photos of her adventures all over the world (Senegal, South America, South Africa, the Caribbean, Europe) and personal projects in which photography and graphic design come together through a conceptual – surreal aesthetic, bond together with elegant and refined results.
Having experienced both, classical and digital arts, she decided – in 2012 with just 18 years – to create her first solo exhibition “Through the doors of perception” at the elite space of Novo Centro, in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), linking art and poetry. Afterwards she exhibited in various collective and personalexhibitions in Ferrara.
In 2015’s summer, with the conceptual painter Lorenzo Romani, she started the project “Fragments”, a double-itinerant soloexhibition that meets the most important places of the Dominican Republic, presented by the noted local criticMichelen Gamal and that showed immediately success.
Fragments” follows the idea of ​​”fragment” through activities and itineraries coordinated with graphic design elements, explaining pieces of hidden art, exploring the mysterious, which raises questions and symbols. Currently she is studying visual communication at the EuropeanInstitute of Design in Milano, after living and learning a year in Florence, the city of Renaissance.
She is now working on projects that will soon be exhibited in London and Milan.


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