When you hire us, we make sure to make your videos provide value, and can be repurposed time and time again.  

In todays digital world, video content is essential for businesses looking to engage their audience, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, boost conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.

By showcasing your brands personality and values through video content, you can build trust and connect with your audience. Additionally, videos can be used to provide more information about your brand, show your team in action, provide educational content, product demonstration, and customer testimonials to improve customer satisfaction.

Video is essential in expanding your reach. It is a versatile tool, and can be repurposed across multiple platforms. Think not only social media and marketing, but also employee recruitment, training, culture and case study. 

like the masterpiece it is.

We are the storytellers to document your brand.


Our team will get to work, editing and going through all footage to craft your video. You can expect draft videos (B-Roll) within just four weeks. We provide two review phases to make sure you are satisfied with the final product. Videos will be finalized and delivered in both 4K and 10080p quality. 



Lights, camera, ACTION! This is where the fun really begins! Our team, along with your input, will capture all the footage as planned. We provide professional direction and support to ensure everything runs smoothly.



In this phase, we plan everything out. We figure out all of the logistic, decide on the look and feel of the video, and outline the content and messaging. We'll also curate a music playlist (including selections from you, if desired), create shot lists and ensure everything aligns with your brand standards. If location scouting is part of your service, we'll handle that too. 



You've looked through our work & decided you would like to work with us! Fantastic! First, we will set up the dates and timeframe of your project! We will finalize production scope, service agreement, and invoicing. 



the process

_Sapphire Properties

" Working with JM Visual Art has been totally seamless, and honestly it's taken a lot of stress off of our team. We were looking for a new set of team photos, headshots, and we had a vision for a 'Who We Are' video to grace the front page of our new website. We took our ideas to Jenny and her team and she created absolute MAGIC. The video feels personal, yet completely professional with so much packed into just a few minutes."